Bin Bombs - Bin Odour Solutions


Let’s face it – garbage bins stink and attract flies and insects!

After two years of trialing BIN BOMBS in many types of waste, people from all walks of life who utilize BIN BOMBS agree that it provides the ready-made solution that most businesses, councils, and households have been desperately demanding!

The following are some of the many areas enhanced with the long-lasting and pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS:

Bin Bombs are organic pellets designed to deodorize wheelie bins and rubbish bins for the control of unpleasant odours leaving the bin with a fresh and pleasant fragrance.

A 500g packet of Bin Bombs can last up to 2 months with a cost of just $2 per use.

- Made from natural materials

- Biodegradable

- Environmentally responsible

- Natural insect repellent

- Fragrance outlasts other products


All Types of Refuse Bins


Sanitary Bins

Nappy Bins

BBQ Areas

Kitty Litter & Pet Areas

Mining & Shipping

Bad Odour


Bin Bombs for smelly bins

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